The Kings

Wise. Foolish. Wicked. Faithful.

The kings of the Bible are as varied and as human as we are. The stories of their weaknesses and strengths, struggles and triumphs don’t just belong to rulers of long ago; they belong to us as well. Experience what these leaders of old have to say to God’s people today.

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Meet The Kings

  • David
  • Hezekiah
  • Joash
  • Josiah
  • Solomon
  • Saul
Indiscretion. Lies. Murder. As the consequences of his sins unfold, David’s heart breaks, and he bares his broken soul before the Lord.
As his end approaches, Hezekiah reflects on the choices he’s made to trust or not trust in Jehovah, and wonders how his choices will impact his son.
It doesn’t seem like much. A ‘yes’ here; a small oversight there. But little by little, the compromises Joash makes wear away the kingdom he was entrusted with.
The roots of Josiah’s royal family tree run deep—and wicked. Can he overcome his family history and become the king God intends him to be?
Never has so much been entrusted to one so young and inexperienced. Will Solomon let his doubts and insecurities keep him from fulfilling God’s plan?
Stripped of his trusted advisor and faced with an overwhelming army, Saul risks everything because of an enemy greater than the men waiting to attack—fear.

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