The debacle with Bathsheba isn't the only mistake David makes in his lifetime. But it does appear, from scriptural witness, to be the only time David takes the coward's way out. David's life is marked by growth, learning from his own mistakes, persistence, and continually maturing wisdom. God makes David into a great leader because David fully surrenders his humanity to God.

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  • The Rising
  • The Reckoning
  • The Promise
  • The Intent
  • The Resolve
  • The Sacrifice
David has all the appearance of a vagabond—a dishonored exile—while he hides in the wilderness from a murderous King Saul. How can this man be God's chosen successor to the throne of Israel?
David gains glory, riches, and honor as a man feigning loyalty to a Philistine king—but at what cost? Will God intervene on David's behalf?
As king of Israel now, David has the power to destroy his enemies and their families—or to set an example in his kingdom.
David learns the hard way how steep is the punishment for disobeying a command of the Lord.
David must choose between his son and his kingdom. Is he courageous enough to make the choice that is best for his people, or will he succumb to the strong and natural pull of earthly fatherhood?
In the face of starvation and extreme thirst, David learns firsthand what it is to be sacrificed for, and what it is to pour out a sacrifice for others.

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